How long do helicopter tours last?

Helicopter tours of different kinds have different durations. Our shortest tours are 60 minutes long, and we also offer full day tours.

Are helicopter tours worth it?

Helicopter tours are certainly worth it! On the tour, you get a breathtaking view of lava, volcanoes, waterfalls, and mountains and can visit more locations than by car.

Can children go on helicopter tours?

Yes, children of all ages can accompany you on helicopter tours.

What happens to a helicopter tour on a bad weather day?

Before take-off, the pilot takes the final call considering three parameters – wind speed, visibility, and cloud height. Other variables may also be considered by the pilot.

If the tour gets canceled, our clients can choose between getting a refund or choosing another day for the tour.

How should I dress for the helicopter tour?

Weather-appropriate clothing is essential on helicopter tours. We also recommend wearing good shoes.

During the colder seasons we recommend dressing in layers. It is also good to bring a coat, scarf, and gloves if it gets too cold.

How many people can sit in one helicopter?

Our helicopters are for five or six passengers, with one seat next to the pilot in the front. All seats offer excellent views.

How are the seats arranged in the helicopter?

Different choppers have different seating arrangements.

Our Airbus H-125 helicopter has four seats in the second row and one seat next to the pilot.

Our Bell 407 GXP has five seats in the back, a club seating setup, and one seat next to the pilot.

How are the passengers seated during the helicopter tour?

Individual passengers' weights determine the seating arrangement during a helicopter tour. This optimum weight distribution helps the pilot keep the helicopter balanced during the flight.

For this reason, we ask you to provide passengers' weights while booking your tickets.

Which seat is the best for photography?

Tourist helicopters are photograph friendly, and all window seats provide good visibility.

The pilots are experts in selecting flight paths to make sure that passengers on both sides of the helicopter get the same stunning views.

We also offer special flights for professional photographers.

Can we pick our seats in the helicopter?

The seating arrangement in the helicopter is determined by the weights of all passengers on the tour.

Do helicopter tours have onboard narration?

Our experienced pilots double up as guides, so feel free to ask them questions. However, you will be advised not to disturb the pilot with questions during the take-off and landing phases of the tour.

Can people who use wheelchairs go on a helicopter tour?

Yes, people with mobility disability can go on a helicopter tour. Our staff will help you get in and out of the helicopter.